creating eportfolios using wordpress and google apps

Dr. Helen Barrett maintains an interesting site focusing on the use of electronic portfolios and digital storytelling.

Apart from a lot of highly useful information there are two sections regarding the specific use of tools to support electronic portfolios. Educators can use these tools to implement portfolios using cutting edge apps that provide a great vehicle to learn and gain aptitudes while building a meaningful electronic portfolio.

Dr. Barrett provides a step-by-step model for using WordPress for creating electronic portfolios for both K-12 and higher education. The steps are simple and easy to customize and localize for implementation, but I especially like the idea that the use of WordPress for electronic portfolios moves from Conversation (the process: documentation of learning through blog entries) to Presentation (the product: documentation of achievement). The more I look at the model the more I love the simplicity and practicality for students to use a really great tool for learning that they can also use thereafter for personal branding.

For a very effectively map of using a tool that I use every day for productivity and collaboration, Dr. Barrett outlines a great mashup of Google Apps for ePortfolios. Here’s the overall flow as a teaser with the full explanation after the jump.

ePortfolios using Google Apps

ePortfolios using Google Apps