Employment site?

I came across the following site while doing some research for a story that I am writing:


This site is an informational/recruitment tool for those people looking to go to South Korea to teach English. Hogwon is the Korean word for private English language school.

The images used on this site to lure potential teachers reminded me of my time spent in South Korea. I couldn’t help but notice while there that some of the most aesthetically-challenged Western males were successful in making the acquaintance of an attractive Korean female. This site clearly tries to advertise this fact while it advertises English language positions with the bait of cute females (and there are some pics of males too for the job-seeking ladies).

I find it funny and pretty ridiculous to see this approach, because it’s a strange way to recruit teachers. Going to Korea to teach ESL is a tough decision and functioning there effectively is a challenge. Does a school in South Korea really want some guy on staff only because he saw this girl on a website? Also, the reality was that the Western-Korean “pairing” was the exception rather than the rule. This disclaimer was absent from the site.

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