Happy New Year!!!

Searching for the light in the darkness…

Emotional disconnectedness, disassociated sensibility, materialism, window-dressing democracy, absence of a feeling of personal safety, the decline of artistic freedom and creativity, financial exploitation, class divisions, censorship…

What period in history am I describing? Contemporary society? Post WWI? The Industrial Revolution? The Middle Ages? Any guesses?…How about ALL OF THEM!

Throughout history society has been plagued by the same negative forces. The difference has been in the degree to which one or two of these factors has been manifested in our world. At the same time, there has always been an undercurrent — or central thread — of positivity and creativity fueled by discontent and a vision of a better world. This positive current is what has balanced the negative and allowed society to move forward.

In that light, every one of you who recognizes the negative forces at work in today’s society needs to realize that you can’t allow your despair to get the best of you. Your spoken and unspoken words contribute to the mass of positivity that will balance the negative forces in our society. Every day you hear some of these spoken voices, but please don’t see them as the only ones. You can be one too. Once you realize this, then you take a giant leap toward making the world a more livable place.

2006 — the best year of your life!? Why not?

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