naturally asking

Anyone doing research will want to check out Powerset indexes information in a way that is much different than other search sites. Powerset attempts to “interpret” the context of the information on a page, rather than simply indexing the keywords and links on a page like Google’s PageRank system.

This “interpretation” takes significant time and computing power, so Powerset has limited its scope to and Freebase, so far. Its certainly not perfect, but Powerset demonstrates the Natural Language can (will?) change the way we (re-)search.

But what user can see is how effective a way it is to gather information quickly. For someone doing research, Powerseteffectively removes a number of steps towards getting to the final information. It is particularly effective when the information needed is on many different web pages.
For example, a query on Powerset of “when did earthquakes hit tokyo” yields stunning results. Try this query at Google or even wikipedia to compare — instead of just picking out keywords that are in your query and on a web page, Powersetis actually making some sense of the content included in the wikipedia pages…techcrunch